A Day In The Life

In 1967, writer John Berger and photographer Jean Mohr published A Fortunate Man – The story of a country doctor based on the daily challenges of a GP in the Forest of Dean – Dr John Sassall. What they revealed about the life of a rural GP remains fresh and urgent in 2018 as we... Continue Reading →

Liz tells a family story

I was born in the early 1950s in Kettering. My Dad was a radio op in bomber command, my Mum a very beautiful lady who was in a reserve occupation in the tax office during WW2. They were a very attractive couple. They bought a new house in Windmill Avenue in 1948, and my Mother... Continue Reading →

No Tears

Stephanie (Granddaughter) and I (Jane, Daughter) left the hospital that night thinking of the words "No tears. I don't want any tears. I love you, and you". Nana pointed her finger at us each in turn. That day she tried to get out of her bed. "Where are you going Nana?" "I'm going shopping." "What... Continue Reading →

A Fortunate Man – In The Darkroom

Tuesday 20 June 2017 | Author: Michael Pinchbeck| Featured image: Julian Hughes Last week we spent time in the rehearsal room at New Perspectives devising A Fortunate Man. It is a tribute to the book of the same name 50 years on from its publication. It is a tribute to its author John Berger who passed... Continue Reading →

EP 2017 – Blood – Gallery

On 11 March, EP members Suzanne Reynolds and Susana de Dios to a trip with Julian Hughes to a Nottingham Blood Centre to document Julian's blood donation. Susana de Dios took the photos in this gallery, and the group then wrote responses to the images based on parallels found in John Berger's 1967 novel A... Continue Reading →

EP 2017 – Blood

Thursday 11 May | Author: Suzanne Reynolds | Featured Image: Susana de Dios Blood. We all have it; I guess it is one of those commonalities that we take for granted – well, at least until we need a blood transfusion. There we are, in an emergency situation, haemorrhaging following childbirth, as I did, or... Continue Reading →

EP 2017 – Session 1

Saturday 22 April | Author: Suzanne Reynolds | Featured image: Mira Ho And, so it began… I can’t believe I’m here; here amongst these amazing, talented people - as part of this team. We are here, at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, getting to know more about the A Fortunate Man project from Jack McNamara, Artistic Director... Continue Reading →

HAUNTS: Site Visits

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 April 2017 | Author: Jo Woolaston There has been a weekend on my calendar which has been dancing and waving its hands in the air for some time now – simply titled ‘Site Visits,’ it suggests the need for a clipboard and a hard hat and does not really do... Continue Reading →

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