Fordson Tractor takes shape!

Tim Brierley is currently building a life sized replica of a Fordson Tractor for Michael Morpurgo’s Farm Boy, which will be touring East Midlands schools in September and October before a run at Greenwich Theatre.

As you can see by the pictures, the tractor is coming to life!


Adapter and Director, Daniel Buckroyd has said there are three characters in the play: The Grandfather, Grandson and the Fordson Tractor. So we can expect the children to be mesmirized not only by a life sized tractor in the middle of their school hall but also the Grandfather’s story of how he came to own it.

John Walters, who played Gordon in our tour of The Farm and brought many of us to tears with his heart warming portrayal of a man coming to terms with losing his farm and livelihood, is returning to New Perspectives to play a Farmer again, and we’re delighted to have him back! Daniel is holding recalls today for the part of his Grandson so we’ll be announcing who will be joining John on the tour next week.

Emma Morley


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