New Perspectives on Twitter and Facebook

As you may be aware, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are a great way of spreading the word online about an event.  New Perspectives has pages both on two of the most popular of these,  Twitter and Facebook.


You can follow New Perspectives’ daily activity – both in rehearsals and on the road – on on our twitter page

‘Skylark’ is our affectionate name for our turquoise Mercedes Vario which takes the touring company and set from venue to venue.


We also have two Facebook pages. Our friend’s page and fan page. It is completely up to you which one you join if you wish to do so but please bear in mind if you join as a ‘Friend’ we will be able to see your profile and if you are a ‘Fan’ we cannot.

Each performance of our productions is set up as an individual ‘Event’ on facebook which I will be emailing Promoters with a link to, if they wish to use it.  Anyone who is a member of Facebook can invite friends and contacts to a Facebook ‘Event’ so this is a great way to spread the word about a forthcoming show.

You can go to our Facebook Friend’s page and click ‘Events’ to see a full list of performance dates or CLICK HERE to go straight to the list. NB: You will need to be a member of Facebook to access these pages.

To become a ‘Friend’ or ‘Fan’ of New Perspectives, click one of the links below.

New Perspectives’ Facebook Friend’s Page

New Perspectives’ Facebook Fan Page


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