DIARY OF A PROMOTER Saturday 31 July 2010

1000hours-ish reading The Times magazine style bit when the ‘phone rang

“I’ve just read about The Falling Sky in The Guardian and I want to book for it, how does it work?”

So into promoter mode to explain that the days (Wednesday 4 – Sunday 8 August) are split into 3 sessions – morning, afternoon and evening – with 10 slots in each). We are always being told that people like choice, but given this amount of  flexibility the lady went into a state of panic and with a quick “I’ll get back to you “ she was off the ‘phone and I was off to the computer to access The Guardian on-line.

Within half an hour the article had been downloaded, printed and laminated and I was out to put it up next to The Falling Sky posters which had been placed around the local villages.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday the ‘phone kept ringing, every booking took at least two ‘phone calls because everyone seemed to have to check with someone else as to the most suitable date! As my husband remarked

“I bet the Playhouse box office get their Sunday lunch in peace ….and get paid”

Given the interest from outside the village, I marked the start of the walk by putting a sandwich board, bearing the Falling Sky poster and “START”. on the grass verge outside the house.


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