DIARY OF A PROMOTER Friday 6 August – Day 3

Just finished tidying up when my first customers of the day arrived – early. They had come from Chesterfield which is quite a way but both seemed familiar with the Vale of Belvoir. I was a bit surprised by their attire, linen suit and pale coloured loafers for him, white linen trousers and strappy sandals for her! Off they went and the 1030 couple arrived on the recommendation of one of the Wednesday night local crowd, hope they like it.

A ‘phone call asking if it was a suitable walk to take a baby in a pushchair and I had to put the young lady off – you could not do the footpath bit, this was a shame as she was looking forward to “a walk in the country”.

The Chesterfields had not really enjoyed it,

“Not a good play to walk to, you need something to put a spring in your step”

“Why don’t you include the local history of the village on the map? I didn’t know about Thomas Cranmer being born here until I got to the church”- some people expect a lot for a fiver!

“Your telephone number should be on the map in case of emergencies / if we get lost etc”

“You should have the WC facilities marked on the map” – totally ignoring the fact that I gave them the information as part of the briefing.

I was concerned that they hadn’t enjoyed it having travelled so far but they were quite positive

“If we hadn’t done it we would be wondering what we might have missed”.

My other customers loved it.

I got the 1330 couple and the 1345 lot (mum, 14 year old son and son’s friend) off, went for a game of tennis and returned in time to brief 2 parties at 1530 hours still wearing my tennis togs – I felt the need to explain!

Very positive feedback from everyone. I was particularly please that the 14 year old lads had enjoyed it so much.

1845 hours,

“Looks like I’ve got my first “no-show”, I say to my husband. After another 5 minutes I meander down to the road, a smart sports car is being parked on the grass verge.

“We’re sorry we’re late – we got held up in Nottingham”

I brief the young couple as quickly as possible because it has been almost dark by 9 o’clock for the last couple of nights. Off they go and I dash off to choir practice.

“Sue, can you tell me why there is just a number 4 on the hymn board?” asks the organist and choirmaster.

“Well”, I reply, “It’s a long story”

After one lady admitted to singing along with Abide with me, I put out hymn books open at hymn number 4 (Abide with me) but I think that this detail was lost on most people!!

My young couple return in the gathering dusk at 2100 hours, they were enchanted especially sitting in the cemetery with the sky changing through different shades of pink and purple as the sun set.

The young man’s comment to how it made him feel was:

“That it’s time to move out of the city”

Maybe New Perspectives should get a local estate agent to sponsor this!

Another 2130 finish but a less stressed day – I must be getting into the swing of things.

Lessons from today:

  • Not only have we deprived wheelchair users, we have deprived pushchair pushers of the opportunity of the event
  • Marking the WC facilities on the map would be useful
  • I have mixed feelings about putting the promoter ‘phone number on the map, whilst you could give advice over the ‘phone, without extra helpers you couldn’t go out and rescue them!
  • The play clearly has wide appeal age-wise, from the 14 year old boys to those in their eighties

For evening sessions, remember that the nights are already drawing in. As we finished in the (unlit) cemetery, I suggested that everyone completed the walk by 2100 hours.


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