DIARY OF A PROMOTER Saturday 7 August – Day 4

Before the 1000 couple arrived, the ‘phone rang,” 2 tickets for tonight please”. Today looks easily manageable:

  • 2 in the morning
  • 5 in the afternoon, nicely staggered
  • 9 for tonight

I needed to get quite a lot of cooking done today because we were doing a leaving party for a member of the ministry team tonight – 2 quiches, 2 salads and a dessert were achieved between punters!

My 10 o’clocks loved it. The 1400 and 1500 hours parties arrived on time, all was going smoothly. 1615, the ‘phone rang, the 1600 lady was running late but I could cope.

The young couple who left at 2 o’clock, eventually returned at 5 o’clock – there was a cricket match at the cricket field so they had watched an hour of it!  They loved the play and the experience.

Likewise the 1600 hours lady, who didn’t get away until 1645, took more than 2 hours as she stopped of in the pub for a quick one – another satisfied customer!

The first evening booking, a party of 4 were a bit late so I had only just got them started when the 7 at 7 arrived. I had to explain that at the end everyone had to return the MP3 players to me at the Thomas Cranmer Centre, but, as it adjoins one of the locations for the play, they would have no difficulty finding it.

With everyone briefed and away I quickly changed into party gear and walked down to the Thomas Cranmer Centre, having despatched husband and food earlier. Good party!

No problems, everyone returned the kit as requested – and had a look round the Centre!

Lessons from today:

  • Some people take much longer than the running time of the play – because they’re elderly, because they popped into the pub, because they watched the cricket, because they got lost – so you can’t schedule the slots too close together.
  • If you are more successful with bookings than expected, you will need access to a photocopier to run off more Safety Guidance and Feedback forms. I have got this facility as I work from home so it wasn’t a problem.

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