Subika Anwar, STEP UP Creatives Ensemble, Actor

I’ve continued to write since graduating from University after studying Creative Writing and English Language. Since then I have developed new scripts for public readings with Kali Theatre Company, Theatre Writing Partnerships, Nabokov Theatre Company at The Roundhouse, Birmingham Rep Theatre, Ulfah Arts, Tamasha Theatre Company and most recently with a professional playwriting course; Critical Mass, created for BME playwrights by The Royal Court. But now working with New Perspectives will be a chance to try something new!

The thrill of playwriting for me is seeing the end product come to life on stage, which is a privilege no matter how gut wrenchingly nervous it is! However, getting to this point is the tough bit! The STEP UP scheme at New Perspectives is a great way of meeting other like minded artists to share creative ideas and craft subversive and contemporary performances; something I’m very excited to be a part of.

As one, of many writers, who has felt the pressures of artistic and governmental agenda’s to create safe theatre that ticks the right box, it is important that my work responds to both the state of the nation and the world at large. With the new appetites and pressures of theatres to get ‘bums on seats’, there is no longer room for uncensored politically bold vernacular. Instead unashamed upper middle-class preoccupations and their fondness for a seasonal fragment of working class complete their appetising consumption.

Culturally specific theatre tells us a lot about the society we live in, arguably serving as a pointer of the nation’s unspoken desires and aspirations. Being a part of the ensemble group at New Perspectives is a great way to provide and understand a snapshot of those complexities surrounding British culture and to delve deeper below the surface to create topical theatre collaboratively. Any aspect or involvement in theatre, whether it be acting, writing, directing, stage managing is therefore vital for my development, not only as a playwright desperate to learn about every part of the craft, but as a representing voice for the voiceless where the stage is the perfect platform to do just that.

Let’s put East Midlands on the map by situating ourselves on the cutting edge of theatre!

Subika Anwar


Follow Subika on twitter: @SubikaAnwar or the whole STEP UP Creatives training ensemble in one handy list.


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