STEPUP CREATIVES ENSEMBLE: Georgie Elsom (Actor/ Director)

Georgie Elsom (Actor & Director)
Georgie Elsom, STEPUP Creatives Ensemble, Actor / Director

I applied to be part of the STEPUP Creatives ensemble so that I could continue my professional development as a performer and deviser. I come from a Contemporary Performance background, drawing from a plethora of sources and working with a multi-media approach. I have been implementing techniques and methodologies, particularly play, from this field in my work as an Arts Facilitator. In October I was part of the Awake Project in Oxford for three weeks as a deviser and performer and have been seeking that closeness and work ethic with an ensemble since. This opportunity has enabled me to refocus and reengage with myself and other creatives from a variety of disciplines and cross-disciplines.

Thus far I have been inspired, excited and enlightened by discussions and listening to people about their backgrounds; from drastic career changes to moving through different sectors in the arts. Playing workshop/ice breaker games has brought the group together. Reading parts of plays new and old and later working together in smaller groups to explore selected texts has been such a huge positive step in the right direction with regards to working relationships and creative possibilities.

It is a privilege to be able to work with a large ensemble. As we have come from a range of places in the midlands including Nottingham, Northampton and Leicester and for most worked and studied/are studying in varied locations we have a lot of experience to draw from. I know that we can create a quality piece of theatre together, with the winning script of the DREAM UP competition, However It is the process and creation that most excites me. I feel as though part of me is missing when I am not part of a creative ensemble and New Perspectives have filled that void.

Follow Georgie on twitter: @georgina_elsom – or the whole STEP UP Creatives training ensemble in one handy list.


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