STEP UP Creatives ensemble: Goldfish rehearsals by Subika Anwar

Goldfish rehearsal – Sunday 13th May (Click here to read a blog about the previous rehearsal)

Sunday’s session started with a read through of the third draft of the script, an amalgamation of the submitted DREAM UP entries put together by our Dramaturg Gareth.

After the reading, the group discussed their thoughts and liked an idea created by Gareth and writer Hugh Dichmont,  based on the concept of a map in relation to our thoughts on memory.

We pack our plans away, and like that map that lives in the well beneath the driver’s seat with a furry purple fruit pastel and four biros, our plans become dog-eared, crumpled, worn; every time we fold it up and put it to the side it gets new lines, new folds.’

We were then given the pleasure of a presentation by our designers Tallie and Beth. Mandy, New Perspectives full time Production Manager also joined us to gain insight on our progress, and talk about her role as Production Manager on the show and tour. The designers had explored ways to link the title of the show: Goldfish with the concept of memory as water, and with how the set will reflect the concepts at the heart of the show. They talked about the idea of ‘goldfishing’ as a concept:

– fishing for gold nuggets of valuable memories from a raft or

– jumping from crate to crate to keep from drowning or

– using a map to navigate those lost thoughts or

– actually drowning from painful memories or

– toe dipping/being pushed into the murky waters of a bleak past or

– wringing out clothes as a way to forget our past and start a new future or

– opening a door to new memories

A map of the concepts in Goldfish, by designers Bethany Wells and Natalie Ellis

We are all a part of this conceptual world and accessing it never seems to leave these characters. We discovered that the element of water plays a big part in our devised piece from a design aspect.

Whilst the designers continued to discuss their ideas with Mandy, Jenny (Stage Manager and Assistant Production Manager for the ensemble) and Tilly; the rest of us decided to work on ways to stage Monika Johnson’s script If I am That Lucky. By asking many questions about Kevin Carter, we decided on a few emotions he may be experiencing during this conversation with The Girl. The different Kevins we discovered included:

– Idealistic

– Angsty

– Angry

– Arrogant

– Haunted

– Caring

The actors each stuck to one emotion and chose lines to perform thinking about that particular emotion. Upon performing this back to the rest of the ensemble, we understood that it was important to maintain the claustrophobia Kevin may be feeling during some moments in the scene as the actors had opened up the space when delivering lines. This way it creates dramatic tension and illustrates the characters power and control or lack of it in Kevin’s case. Something we will continue to work on.

Finally the day ended with a Sound workshop – we were asked to bring various instruments to the session to explore the musical talent within the group and possibly create original pieces of music for specific scenes.

Upon having a ‘play’ Tilly decided to call out moments which take place in the script and asked us to try and be mindful of the soundscape being improvised  according to what is going on in that moment.

Check out some of the fun we had:

Eli from Achievable and her sense of time being drifty:

Geoff and James from The Unsaid on the Train

Watching Ella touching things in False Witness

Rachel from False Witness killing a tadpole

Kevin from If I am that lucky after The Girl leaves his car


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