STEP UP Creatives Ensemble: Goldfish Rehearsals by Becci Hooper


We started today’s session by analysing two of our plays: Achievable and You, Me and the Rest of Them.

After a read through, we wrote a list of the facts that had been presented by the texts and a list of things that were ‘blurry’ – the blurry bits were things that were said in the script that weren’t black and white, things that were hinted at but weren’t 100% fact, statements with a number of meanings. We looked at what we know for sure and what wasn’t so clear.  We spent time debating the things that have been left unanswered and coming up with questions based on the blurry bits. We looked at where the plays are set, the time of year, the time of day, the plot, the characters and their own history, the characters relationships to one another and other people, Class, Identity, Sub text, themes and much more.

The aim was to analyse the text only – no interpretation was allowed. We were looking for the facts and questions – not answers. This was very difficult because the questions were very interesting and the ideas and different interpretations that kept slipping out were exciting and made me want to explore these in more depth. We didn’t answer the questions so that we could spend time looking and thinking about the answers between and in rehearsals. I found this part of the session inspiring, it made me think about all of the possible answers and options that we have when approaching character development and direction of the piece. This part of rehearsal certainly left me with things to ponder!

Next we moved into the rehearsal room to explore character – we looked at our own characters pace and physical tension. We explored their thoughts about life, people and their own lives. We questioned their wants, needs, beliefs, ideas and desires. We spent time exploring their feelings that are felt on a more universal level, the things that other people can relate to. We looked at their personal history, relationships, class, religion, likes, dislikes, issues and conflicts.

I left todays rehearsal with so many questions about the texts and my own character. Who is Sash? What’s her history? Who does she know? What are her dreams, desires and beliefs? What does she think about her life? I left feeling inspired and excited about my character and all of her possibilities and I can’t wait to start exploring these in the rehearsal room.

Find out more more about Goldfish:


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