Deborah Carlin | Due Course | Performer

Deborah Carlin, STEP UP Creatives Ensemble 2013.

Deborah Carlin, STEP UP Creatives Ensemble 2013.


This week’s session had a bit of a different feel to the previous sessions, it feels like things are getting serious now and things are really starting to come together and we all put our heads down and worked very hard …(not that we don’t usually!)

We started off with an informal discussion about the show and how things are going to be from now on, I realised the show is only 1 MONTH AWAY!!! Not quite sure how that managed to creep up on us but anyway…..

Tilly arranged for us all to go downstairs in groups, to talk with her about the plays we had been assigned to and about our character roles and choices. It was really interesting getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of it all and working out what makes our characters tick and what drives them in life. It was hard to have to think about all these different aspects and really delve in to the personal space of a fictional being in order to create a life for them outside of the play. Even though it was hard, I found it really useful to do this exercise and think it will really help us all when we start to properly rehearse our scenes.

In between all talk about characters, we also had conversations about the structure of the show and what this might involve.

I can’t believe how well it’s all coming along – we seem to have a solid base for the piece and I don’t think it’s going to take us long at all to finalise everything and really start getting stuck in. Myself and Jen had a go at some free-writing to try and come up with some phrases and a sort of prologue to the show. It was a really cool technique to use and it felt great to let everything go and just be creative!

I can’t believe how far we have all come in so little time, it only seems like yesterday we chose the plays we were going to use. I’m really excited about the themes and subject-matter in this piece and I really hope that the general public enjoy it too. With so many talented and creative people on board, I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be GREAT!

Deborah Carlin, Performer, STEP UP Creatives Ensemble 2013


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