Chris Walters | Due Course | Composer and Performer

Saturday 8 June 2013

A full days rehearsal 10am – 6pm: blood, sweat and tears (one of those is true).

We began at pace in the classic STEP UP style with a cup of tea and a natter. At 10:12am sharp we were ready to roll. It was evident that a couple of members were still under the influence of a Friday night well spent, but none the less energy was high and the mood optimistic. We went straight into a costume session, the boys having no qualms about stripping off in the office, the girls taking a more modest approach in the toilets. After a steamy thirty minutes we were ready for rehearsals on the scripts.

This is where my outlook on the day becomes a mere snapshot amongst a bustle of separate activity. Actors were saying words downstairs; Theresa was looking very important on the computer; Laura and Emma JP were busy playing with crayons, and Sam & I were trying to move like the royal ballet on crack. We did not manage to move like the Royal Ballet on crack, but we did come up with some interesting physical concepts that we were to share with the group later on.

At 11:30am it was my time to say some words, and by god did I say them. After our first read through of the script, Tilly sat with a raised eyebrow and a confused look on her face saying…hmmmmm. I knew what she meant; she meant ‘hmmm, these guys are good’.

After lunch there was more ballet from Sam, Debs and I. After recreating Ivanov’s Swan Lake as a warm up, we decided that three, one minute sections of free movement were a good way to discover what physical concepts worked and didn’t work. We then played around with certain ‘rules’ of movement within a confined space to see what happened.

Groping aside this worked extremely well and a physical language began to develop. By the end of the day we had some concepts to share with the group and Tilly’s bewildered, awe-struck expression from earlier seemed to be matched now by the whole group.

Chris Walters, Composer and Performer, STEP UP Creatives Ensemble 2013

*Due Course will tour to five venues across the East Midlands – Tuesday 2 – Sunday 7 July. For more information visit our website.


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