STEP UP 11-12 Alumni: Becci Hooper

Becci Hooper

Becci is a director and was part of the first ever STEP UP Creatives training ensemble from 2011-2012. Here’s what she has been up to since:

So where am I now? Thinking back to how I felt this time last year is mind blowing. When I started the STEP UP scheme I was a performer with no confidence or self belief. I ended the scheme as a director, with bounds of confidence and enthusiasm, ready to go out into the world and start making a career for myself. STEP UP was an amazing experience for me because it made me realise who I am, what I want, and what I am good at. Somehow during the process I realised that I want to direct and I always have! Since then I have been taking any opportunity to learn a new approach, collaborate with other artists, develop my knowledge and skills and direct stuff!!

Since STEP UP I have been up lots of weird and wonderful things! Here are just a few highlights:

  • I have worked on a project with Australian Theatre Practitioner Rosie Dennis on a devised theatre project which we performed as part of Dance 4s Nott Dance festival.
  • I directed two plays as part of the quickest theatre festival in the world at Leicester’s Y theatre where we rehearsed and performed 14 plays in 48 hours.
  • I also worked as assistant youth theatre leader to The Gramophones Theatre Company at Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham and am now running a group of my own from September as part of The Spect-Actors Theatre Company – a company which I and Lucina Thorpe formed this year! We formed the company as part of Curves Young Arts Entrepreneurs scheme, a scheme for artists in Leicestershire that have creative ideas for projects which can be turned into arts enterprise. As part of this scheme we were awarded a grant to create our first original piece of theatre as well as loads of mentoring and support. At the moment we are devising a performance with professional actors which we will perform at Curve in Leicester in October – so watch this space!

The Spect-Actors

  • I am also currently directing a play as part of Mashed, a new writing festival in Leicester organised by Original Ink.

The Spec-Actors

It has been an amazing year, I do not think I would have achieved half as much without the support of Tilly Branson and the STEP UP programme. STEP UP helped me to develop the confidence to call myself an artist and put myself out there. This past year I have won funding bids, directed plays, facilitated workshops at festivals, delivered education projects in schools, collaborated with lots of amazing artists, been to see loads of theatre and more. I feel so lucky to have been part of Step Up; I had a great time, and learnt loads about myself, theatre-making and arts business. I developed my confidence to get out there and try it and most of all I made friends for life!

Thanks New Perspectives!

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