The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock – In rehearsal with Assisant Director Theresa Keogh – Tech week

Theresa Keogh was a member of last year’s STEP UP Creatives Ensemble (2012 /13). She is now our resident Trainee Director and is currently assisting on The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock. She’ll be writing a regular blog about her time in the rehearsal room…

A sneaky picture of the set!
A sneak picture of the set!

The last month has flown by; we are currently in tech week. While the lighting and sound are being refined and polished, the set is being transferred from our rehearsal room to The Curve studio. It’s a hive of activity as simultaneously the actors are rehearsing. With the show already on its feet they are having a series of run-throughs in the lead up to the technical rehearsal.

Roberta Kerr getting used to the set during rehearsals...
Roberta Kerr getting used to the set during rehearsals…

As everything is being transferred to the studio they perform a run through without set, lighting, costume and sound- a pared back rehearsal which really highlights the extraordinary capability of our cast. Martin Miller embodies Hitchcock, it’s uncanny. He really inhabits the role and four weeks in I find it difficult to reconcile our cast with their characters. Anthony Wise is a ball of energy every morning and yet in seconds he transforms into the coolly still priest. And they are transformations you can witness for yourself as Roberta Kerr moves between her dual roles as Hitchcock’s wife and mother seamlessly and Tom McHugh between the Waiter and Screenwriter.

Martin Miller as Alfred Hitchcock
Martin Miller as Alfred Hitchcock

This move between characters is something I witnessed Tom do spectacularly just a month ago in Edinburgh in the New Perspectives show The Boss of it All– people still constantly ask me which of his two characters, Nalle and Finnur, Tom is most like… the truth is neither! There is no doubt how incredible the lighting, sound and set are in the production but it’s great to see that at the very heart of our show are brilliant performances of such a nuanced script.

Theresa Keogh- Assistant Director

The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock opens at The Curve, Leicester on Friday 27 September and runs until Saturday 5 October. For more details visit


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