Emerging Perspectives Company Diary | Session 2 | Natalie Smallwood, Stage Manager

Hi guys! I’m Natalie and I’m specialising in stage management with the EP Company.

In this week’s session we focused on the script which the group will be performing for our rehearsed reading in January. The script is called Chat Room by Enda Walsh, and I have to say it is a really great, with lots of hidden meaning – definitely check it out.

The first section of the day was spent doing a read through of the script, which was the first time any of us had read it. As a Stage Manager, it was my focus to help with the understanding of the script and join in with the discussion of the overall piece, as of course, a read through doesn’t take much managing, but it is enjoyable non the less!

After lunch (in which Mia had the most amazing Chinese…jealous.) we went back to the script and got it on its feet. As it is only a rehearsed reading we are performing this script for, blocking isn’t necessary, but we found it helpful to follow the basic stage directions and place the characters along the back of the space, each in a chair. We then picked out sections with two characters at a time and did lots of exercises in order to pick apart the text, and allow the punctuation to show through.

In particular, I found the punctuation exercise helpful for my writing. I had never really thought about how much the punctuation in a piece of writing effects the way a character is portrayed, so I will definitely be using this to supplement my writing in the coming months!

I am really looking forward to seeing what we will all achieve together as part of emerging perspectives, and in particular bossing everyone around come show week… cos that’s what we stage managers do right?! You will love me by the end guys…mwah ha ha ha!

Now, who wants a cuppa?

Natalie Smallwood, Stage Manager, Emerging Perspectives Company


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