Emerging Perspectives Company Diary | Rehearsed Reading | Callan Durrant

Callan Durrant

On Saturday 11 January our Emerging Perspectives Company made their debut with a rehearsed reading at Lee Rosy’s in Nottingham. Here performer, Callan Durrant writes about his thoughts 0n the performance…

When performing a script, actors tend to forget the beauty of the language they are speaking when they’ve it done night after night. I find that bringing the text back to its basic form, a story, when doing a reading really highlights and draws out this beauty with great intimacy, not only for the actor, but for the audience as well. Finding the words and the vowels and the pace is an absolute joy and one I would not substitutefor anything on the stage. Doing the reading in a cosy, warm, dimly lit and again intimate space, it felt like home for the
piece, for the actors and for the audience. It’s a very delicate skill to ‘Sight Read’ and requires a very relaxed, honed and focused mind to bring the words off the page into life and to think ahead and prepare the next delivery simultaneously. So thank goodness for the tea at Lee Rosy’s and the lunch trip to Weatherspoons beforehand.

When you get it right though, it is a wonderful feeling and together with the rest of the ensemble it felt amazing, exquisite, magnificent… I have failed to think of another superlative.

Callan Durrant, Performer, Emerging Perspectives Company


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