New Perspectives Company Diary | Rehearsed Reading | Lewis Fernandez


Lewis Fernandez

Lewis Fernandez – in make up during ‘Zombie Earth


On Saturday 11 January our Emerging Perspectives Company made their debut with a rehearsed reading at Lee Rosy’s in Nottingham. Here performer, Lewis Fernandez, writes about his thoughts on the performance

Saturday, the day of performing the rehearsed reading, was the day that I had dreaded.

Not because I didn’t enjoy being a part of the Emerging Perspectives Company – I love attending the workshops and trying hard
to work on my craft – but because I was sadly, as I saw it, under rehearsed. It was a rehearsed reading after all and I happen to be the
biggest procrastinator I know. Time after time I looked at the script in my bedroom and found other distractions, mainly Breaking Bad on Netflix. In the previous sessions I had gotten myself in a worry because I had such a hard time working my way through the heaps of monologues without messing them up with stutters, inordinate pauses, and inability to not read like a child. All this worry and I didn’t take a stab at analysing how the lines were to be delivered and how to bring this fantastic script to life. It never helped that I was ill on the last session before performing!

I came into Nottingham with Charlotte and she probably saw through my nervousness as I wasn’t saying much – although she might have put this down to my ‘bad stomach’ (I won’t go into detail there), which started the morning of with disaster almost making me have to cancel.  When I arrived at the New Perspectives office/rehearsal building everybody seemed happy and excited for the day to unfold.

Theresa’s approach was one of ‘let’s-get-stuck-in!’ The day was intense. There were run-throughs of each scene from the get go and different queues of movements to the musical intervals. Each hour I felt myself getting more and more confident and instead of analysing how everything should be pronounced, it just came out of me smoother and smoother as the day went on.

Theresa did a great thing of taking different lines and asking me what I thought they meant, and then giving her take on what she thought they meant and how they related to other people or earlier references in the script. This gave for more natural acting as you actually know what you’re saying instead of just trying to guess and it ending up sounding wooden.

We did a run-through for Jack and after that was done I was just ready to go out and do it, so shortly after we headed for the venue.

When we got the Lee Rosy’s cafe I remember thinking that it might not work do to the sheer smallness of the room, but once we got the staging area set up all was well. We were to perform at 7.30pm and twenty minutes prior I could excitedly hear our first audience member making their way down the stairs to the basement where we were performing.

Within the next few minutes, a few more people had arrived – one being one of the four chose writers for our tour – which was exciting. Before going on it was reassuring and comforting to see that everybody else was as nervous as I was, despite most having more experience than me, and despite only spending two days with this group, I somehow felt closer to them all. Seeing everyone seeming
nervous calmed me down and relieved my usual performance dry mouth (which I really hate). The adrenaline of the performance kept me focused.

When we finished we took a bow, and this is when a feeling I can’t describe washed over me. It wasn’t relief that it was over, it was joy that it had happened. The feeling has made me hungry to perform again!

For any enquiries please contact me at

Lewis Fernandez, Performer, Emerging Perspectives Company


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