Emerging Perspectives Company Diary |Workshop with Dramaturg Will Drew |Afternoon Session | Lewis Fernandez

Today we had some relatively new faces as our group has now been officially expanded, and it couldn’t have been by a better group of people. Louise, and writers Rob W, Rob T, Kelly have now joined for regular workshops and Will Drew took our workshop today. Will conducted a great day for us; he was confident, inspiring, and very patient.
The Penny Game
The Penny Game

The Penny Game

After lunch Will had a great game for us. The aim was to balance a coin on one hand whilst using your other hand to attempt to knock the other player’s balanced coin from their hand. Social boundaries are practically non-existent in a situation like this – when you are essentially running around attacking one another. This is why I love drama –  if in the street you tried to knock money out of some bodies hand you’d be more than likely to be arrested – but in a drama workshop like this one it helps to make you feel comfortable with your surroundings and the people around you.

We were asked to bring in two objects. One that was personal to us, and one that we felt represented us as people publicly. I felt that this the game helped us to feel relaxed enough to share our personal objects with one another. It was interesting to see the variant emotions of each person when sharing our objects.

Private objects were shared first. When these objects where spoken about some peoples eye lit up, some smiled, some looked thoughtful, some reminiscent, and some cried. These were clearly very personal things – it was an honour to share mine, and for people the share theirs with me. Next were the public objects. It was interesting to see how people liked to think of what they projected publicly; after all you know yourself better than anyone else does. This gave us a great incite into the lives of each member of the company.

Writing to Music

Writing to Music

Writing to Music

As part of the workshop we were also asked to submit a piece of music that meant something to us. With our music playing in the background we were asked to write a monologue, from any perspective, regarding one of the objects that was shared. This was a thought-provoking task, which I personally found quite difficult. The monologues were then read out and this gave other deeper and more interesting perspectives to what these objects meant to certain individuals.

Werewolf Game

Werewolf Game

The Werewolf Game

The day ended with a game where we had to imagine that we were villagers in a normal quiet village, except that one or more of us were blood thirsty wolves. When night came, the wolves where appointed to select one villager to kill. Everyone was ecstatic with the game and we could have gone home after the first game, but truth be told, we all wanted to play again. The second time we added more depth of character by presenting a short biography about ourselves, including an occupation, which made the game even better.

This was a great day and very successful workshop.

Lewis Fernandez, Performer, Emerging Perspectives Company


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