Emerging Perspectives Company Diary |Workshop with Dramaturg Will Drew |Morning Session | John Tissiman

EP Company Performer John Tissiman

EP Company Performer John Tissiman

This weekend’s session was ran by Will Drew and involved both the EP Company actors and the writers. For me it was the first time I had met some people and I’m glad to say that everyone is really friendly and I cannot wait to work more with company.

The first activity Will had planned for us was a simple task where we were each asked to make three statements; two that were truthful and one a lie. We were then cross-examined on our statements, before the other members of the group made a decision on which statement was false.

The game was firstly really interesting and useful to get to know people; learning about Rob T’s trip to Nepal, Mia’s not so star studded past as a casualty actress and how Louise doesn’t spend every night with Snuggles the bear. It was also very interesting to see how people lied; some told stories that they knew but were not there own, whilst others told the truth about something amusing or memorable which in turn drew the attention away from the simple lie. For example: Theresa lied about her favourite colour being red which nobody questioned.

The next exercise was somewhat similar to the first. We paired off and chose a story that had happened to one of us. We then both told the story and the group then questioned us about the story and made a decision as to who’s story it was. It was difficult at first to think of a story that could apply to both parties in order to try and make ourselves convincing. Fortunately for me and Rob T, we were able to find a commonality in the fact that we had both been in the Air Cadets. This common ground made it easier to answer all the detailed questions we were asked about uniform etc. We were able to convince the whole group that it was Rob’s story when in fact, it was mine. For me this exercise made me question body language a lot more, as well as trying to pick out things that didn’t seem to fit and also noticing slip-ups. For example, Callan’s lads holiday story where everyone drank Screwdrivers didn’t add up to me and Theresa forgetting whether she was in the drama or debating club when she was in school were things that really stood out in making me question the authenticity of their stories.

All in all the morning session was a really enjoyable experience in getting to know people better and having a laugh at some outrageous stories. It was a good bonding session for the group and I can really see the positivity of the group coming through.

John Tissiman, Performer, Emerging Perspectives Company


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