STEP UP Creatives Ensemble 2013: Pyrotechnics Workshop at Create Theatre Mansfield – Special Effects

During the afternoon, Daniel Ivory-Castile, Mandy’s husband and highly experienced Pyrotechnician showed us some stuff that went bang and some other stuff that looked pretty as it went bang. At least, this sums up how much I knew about Pyrotechnics at the start of the session. Dan has worked on everything from small theatre productions... Continue Reading →


From STEP UP Creatives to Charles Dickens

Having the chance to work on New Perspectives touring production of A Christmas Carol is altogether exciting, hard work and a valuable experience of working on a rural touring show. And I get to be part of a well formed,  slick-working team made up of Stage Manager, Jack Robson, Actor Kern Falconer the Actor and... Continue Reading →

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