Marital problems, Brexit and insect extermination – rich content for children’s theatre

As New Perspective's production of the world famous picture book, The Giant Jam Sandwich makes its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next week, the company's Artistic Director, Jack McNamara - who adapted the book for stage - says that the key to successful children's theatre is making the content as rich and complex as that... Continue Reading →


Introduction to Directing with Unanima – weeks 2 & 3

Actors Today we worked with two actors – Phoebe Brown and Sam Warren – to explore different texts and how we might go about staging them. The focus of the session was to learn how to speak to actors in a way that could influence their performances, as well as to explore the different meanings... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Directing – with Unanima

Each year New Perspectives offers tailored mentoring to an East Midlands theatre company - this year we are working with Unanima Theatre. They are an inclusive Community Interest Company based in Mansfield working with people with and without a learning disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. New Perspectives have been supported by the Regional Theatre Young... Continue Reading →

Playland Rehearsal Blog- Week 2

Uncanny recent events It was announced this week that Eugene de Kock, a former death squad commander under the apartheid regime, would be released after serving 20 years in prison. Under the Truth and Reconciliation commission (which offered amnesty to confessors of crimes during the apartheid era, provided they claimed to be politically motivated), he admitted... Continue Reading →

Playland Rehearsal Blog- Week One

I discovered Playland in a second hand bookshop in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Considering myself a Fugard fan, I was embarrassed and excited to find a play of his I hadn’t come across. A first read and I knew it was something I wanted to direct.  It seemed to distil all his major themes into one essential conflict... Continue Reading →

DOLLY Casting Begins

Sat at St Pancras waiting for my train back to Nottingham and reflecting on a good first day of auditions for Dolly. Casting is arguably the most important single contribution that a director makes to the success (or otherwise) of a production. Assemble the right team and everything will start going well - happy rehearsals,... Continue Reading →

New Website LIVE

It's been a while since I've blogged here - all of my online energies having been consumed in recent months by the business of getting the company's new website LIVE - which I am absolutely delighted to announce is finally up and running - if you're reading this then you probably already know that. Everyone... Continue Reading →

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