Due Course rehearsals and tour

It seems like only yesterday that the 2012-2013 STEP UP Creatives ensemble met at NP HQ for the first time, and yet the intrepid group of twelve emerging performers, designers, stage managers and directors are nearly at the end of their time with us. As with last year's ensemble, their year as part of New... Continue Reading →


Rehearsal Diary | Charlotte Tomlinson, Assistant Stage Manager

This week we have been rehearsing our show Due Course full time, Monday to Saturday. As one of the two stage managers in the ensemble, I've been pouring various combinations of liquids (including black tea and soda water, apple cordial and very weak lager shandy) into several different receptacles to feign alcoholic drinks. At other... Continue Reading →

DREAM UP Winners!

We’re delighted to announce that our DREAM UP readers and judging panel have finally finished working their way through the many entries into our new monologue competition and that the winning entries/writers are as follows: FIRST PRIZE Everybody Says It, Everybody Knows by Mahsuda Shah (Leicester) SECOND PRIZE Always In The Afternoon by Cathy Grindrod... Continue Reading →

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