A Day In The Life

In 1967, writer John Berger and photographer Jean Mohr published A Fortunate Man – The story of a country doctor based on the daily challenges of a GP in the Forest of Dean – Dr John Sassall. What they revealed about the life of a rural GP remains fresh and urgent in 2018 as we... Continue Reading →


No Tears

Stephanie (Granddaughter) and I (Jane, Daughter) left the hospital that night thinking of the words "No tears. I don't want any tears. I love you, and you". Nana pointed her finger at us each in turn. That day she tried to get out of her bed. "Where are you going Nana?" "I'm going shopping." "What... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Orgreave by Martin Miller

And so it's all over bar the shouting. After 4 weeks of intensive work on John Harvey's excellent stage adaptation of his final Charlie Resnick novel, Darkness, Darkness, we now leave the relative safety of the New Perspectives rehearsal room in Basford and move into the Nottingham Playhouse from next week to start the technical and dress rehearsals for... Continue Reading →


Over May and June Nottingham city was even more alive than usual with arts and theatre, as it hosted both NEAT'16 and FONT Festival. We thought there was no better time than now to release issue #2 of New Perspectives NPZine! With a theme of 'Theatre Is...', we got in touch with as many East Midlands... Continue Reading →

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