STEP UP Ensemble 2012-13 Updates

It's been an exciting time at New Perspectives HQ over the past few months, with our previous STEP UP initiatives developed and improved to form the new Emerging Perspectives schemes. We've been working hard to recruit a new cohort of talented East Midlands based artists and practitioners, and we'll be keeping you posted on their... Continue Reading →


The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock – In rehearsal with Assisant Director Theresa Keogh – Tech week

Theresa Keogh was a member of last year’s STEP UP Creatives Ensemble (2012 /13). She is now our resident Trainee Director and is currently assisting on The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock. She’ll be writing a regular blog about her time in the rehearsal room… The last month has flown by; we are currently in... Continue Reading →

Due Course rehearsals and tour

It seems like only yesterday that the 2012-2013 STEP UP Creatives ensemble met at NP HQ for the first time, and yet the intrepid group of twelve emerging performers, designers, stage managers and directors are nearly at the end of their time with us. As with last year's ensemble, their year as part of New... Continue Reading →

Emma Hayes | Due Course | Performer

Sunday 9 June 2012 Sunday was our last meeting before rehearsal week and whilst the pressure is definitely on, it’s exciting to think the show is now only just 3 weeks away! We spent the morning looking at two of the four short plays in the production. This gave us a chance to contemplate character... Continue Reading →

Deborah Carlin | Due Course | Performer

  This week’s session had a bit of a different feel to the previous sessions, it feels like things are getting serious now and things are really starting to come together and we all put our heads down and worked very hard …(not that we don’t usually!) We started off with an informal discussion about... Continue Reading →

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