DIARY OF A PROMOTER Sunday 8 August – Day 5

Although only one person booked for today, I very nearly made a mess of this booking. The lady rang earlier in the week and my husband could hear my end of the conversation: “Yes, Sunday is available….. 10 o’clock, yes that’s fine” Big “no,no” signs coming from the other end of the kitchen, “Can you... Continue Reading →


DIARY OF A PROMOTER Saturday 7 August – Day 4

Before the 1000 couple arrived, the ‘phone rang,” 2 tickets for tonight please”. Today looks easily manageable: 2 in the morning 5 in the afternoon, nicely staggered 9 for tonight I needed to get quite a lot of cooking done today because we were doing a leaving party for a member of the ministry team... Continue Reading →

DIARY OF A PROMOTER Saturday 31 July 2010

1000hours-ish reading The Times magazine style bit when the ‘phone rang “I’ve just read about The Falling Sky in The Guardian and I want to book for it, how does it work?” So into promoter mode to explain that the days (Wednesday 4 – Sunday 8 August) are split into 3 sessions – morning, afternoon... Continue Reading →

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