Interesting interview with New Perspectives actor Joe Doherty ... Joe's own background is extraordinary enough to make a play in itself. After leaving Christ the King School in Arnold, he was employed as a freelance youth and play worker for Nottingham City Council. Two years ago, he heard a Nottingham-based film was seeking extras and... Continue Reading →


Audience Response!!!

Although the new writing we commission often sets out to probe the human stories behind headlines that have inflamed the nation's passions and prejudices, we certainly don't go out of our way to make theatre that divides audiences - after all, there's nothing quite like unanimous acclaim - but when a new play elicits the kind of polarised responses... Continue Reading →


Interesting interview with New Perspectives actor Karl Haynes ...   KARL Haynes' voice does not instantly suggest "scum of the earth". In fact, it's quite a nice voice – warm, commanding with a trace of northern. So quite why he keeps getting cast as skinhead ne'er-do-wells with crack cocaine habits is a bit baffling. "Ah – I'm... Continue Reading →


Great feedback from Derby Evening Telegraph website ... A hard-hitting, brutally raw and gripping performance is an understatement.  Wasteland is nothing short of stunning, and it was a privilege to have such quality of theatre premiered in Derby.  Laura Lomas has captured the life and attitudes of the streets with a severe and frightening accuracy,... Continue Reading →


Fascinating interview on the Nottingham Evening Post website ... A former University of Nottingham student has written a play inspired by the Tony Martin case – the Norfolk loner who was jailed for more than three years after he killed a teenage burglar from Newark, Fred Barras.  JENNIFER SCOTT asks Laura Lomas why she ventured... Continue Reading →

WASTELAND In Rehearsal

Writer Laura Lomas, director Esther Richardson and designer Oliver Chapman took time out of rehearsals to talk about the genesis of this fascinating project ...

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